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2 feb. 2024

We have changed our name and logo from Deep Geothermal IWG to Geothermal IWG – Why?

All depths are relevant!

Geothermal energy supports the energy transition in all depth ranges. The focus on 'deep geothermal' suggested that we always need to drill down to great depths. However, geothermal energy has potential in all depth ranges for heating and cooling, power generation and underground thermal storage, and co-production of minerals and critical raw materials. That is why the Implementation Working Group is now called Geothermal IWG.

By including the full-depth range we

- embrace concepts that use 'middle depth' in combination with heat pumps

- pronounce more clearly that thermal storage is an integral part of our work

- underline the importance of the heat transition once more.

The new name reflects our holistic approach to using geothermal energy to its full potential!

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